DiamondBack Eskrima International runs classes in martial arts and self defense.

Classes are tailored to the student, even in a group setting the focus is on each student's personal development. Whether you've been doing Martial Arts for years or are completely new to the idea we have something to teach you.

A Martial Art can't claim to work if its only effective for strong young men. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, young or old, male or female, able or not. The principals of Eskrima will work for you.

Classes are usually an hour long either in a group, or one on one. Classes are run in a professional yet informal manner. We don't enforce uniforms - wear what you normally do, it's no use learning to fight in flowing robes if you wear jeans the rest of the time. Classes begin and end with a simple salute, we don't require you to bow and scrape.

Should you wish to learn the syllabus and gain belts in DiamondBack Eskrima, gradings are held when the instructor and student agree the student is ready. With no waiting for annual grading events you can learn and advance at your own pace.

So come try us out - the first class is always free.

Contact the instructors if you have any further questions about classes in your area.