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Welcome to the home of DiamondBack Eskrima International on the web. We are a group of Instructors passionate about teaching you to defend yourself.

We run Martial Arts, Self Defence and Women's Self Defence Classes. We are based in New Zealand and Australia.
If you are looking for Eskrima, Escrima, Kali, Arnis or Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) you've come to the right place.

Eskrima is a martial art from the Philippines. Eskrima stands apart from many other arts with its emphasis on weapons and control. For this reason it is popular with special operations police and military units. For more information on eskrima please see "What is Eskrima?"

DiamondBack is a form or school of Eskrima. We encompass many styles of Filipino martial arts. DiamondBack is always changing, always being improved. For more detail see "What is DiamondBack?"

Instructors teach what you want to learn. This can be self defense, Woman's self defense, the full DiamondBack syllabus, or a tailored programme. More info on Classes.

Schools are currently located in:

Perth - Australia

Check out the locations page for more details.

Seminars are run from time to time around New Zealand and Australia. More info on Seminars.